Terms & Conditions


Confirmation of an order will only be sent when all details have been agreed with Intone and the deposit has been received. Any alteration or addition to the order will only be valid if agreed in writing. The customer will be informed of any addition cost this may incur.

Plumbing, tiling, electrical and building work will not be included in the contract unless separately agreed. For the avoidance of doubt the quotation does not include the final connections of electrical appliances or water supplies to appliances or sink, tap or dishwasher connections.

Intone will provide plans with appliance details for your electrician or are happy to meet them on site to discuss the requirements.

On new build properties Intone is not responsible for ducting out of the extractor. Other properties will be discussed and the client will be informed at the time.

An installation date will not be given until final site measurements have been confirmed.


On confirmation of order a deposit of 20% of the total purchase price is due. Two weeks prior to delivery a further 70% is due. The remaining balance of 10% is due upon completion. Intone reserves the right to charge interest on overdue payments. In the event of late or non payments, Intone shall be entitled to either suspend delivery of the goods and their installation without notice and charge interest until all amounts owing (including accrued interest) have been paid in full or terminate the contract by notice to you in writing.


Delivery is scheduled for approximately six to eight weeks form receipt of the signed Confirmation of Order, all details having been agreed and final site measurements have been taken. Responsibility of the goods will pass on to the client upon delivery. Any damage or loss caused by persons not employed by Intone such as builders or other tradespersons is the responsibility of the client.


It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the site is ready for installation. The site needs to be clear, with suitable access to the room. Intone will remove the existing kitchen and depose of the units, we will not be responsible for the disposal of appliances. We require the floor to be fitted before the kitchen installation. If there is a delay, not caused by Intone, we will endeavour to accommodate a new installation date as quickly as possible, but cannot guarantee how soon this will be.


Once the kitchen has been installed, if a Quartzstone, Granite or Corian worktop has been chosen, your worktop will be templated. We will return 7 – 14 days later to fit the worktop. We are happy to supply temporary worktop, but any electrical or plumbing work is not the responsibility of Intone, these will be required to be disconnected before we return.


The customer will be given a sample of the finishes and worktop. Due to the nature of some of our materials and products, no guarantee is given that the finished product will be an exact replica.


Voids and filers surrounding the installed furniture are part of the normal fitting tolerances and cannot be accepted as a basis for complaint.


If the agreed delivery date is extended after signing the confirmation of order, Intone reserves the right to make a charge for the storage of products.


If you were to decide to cancel your order, Intone will only accept this in writing. A refund of the deposit will be made, minus all costs and expenses or losses and damages resulting form the cancellation.


All goods must be inspected immediately following installation (no later than seven days) and will be replaced or repaired free of charge if found to be a defect or damage in any way arising from the installation by an Intone installer. The warranty does not apply to any defect arising from fair wear or tear, wilful damage, accident, negligence by you or third party, use otherwise than as recommended by Intone.

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